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Dead Simple Ways To Save Money Around The House

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You probably don’t realize it right now, but there’s a ton of ways you can save money around the house. It’s all the little things: things you wouldn’t ordinarily think are costing you a fortune, but are.

Here’s a list of some of the ways that you could save money around the house. Hopefully, you’ll be impressed.

Rent A Steam Cleaner

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Carpets can sometimes get really dirty, especially if you’ve got little ones running around all day. But actually getting the carpet clean can be expensive. You need more than a vacuum. Steam cleaners are complicated pieces of equipment and can set you back a lot of money. Don’t worry, though. Now you can rent steam cleaners from local hardware and grocery stores, meaning you don’t have to pay a fortune buying your own. Get rid of all that mud and dirt from your carpet as soon as possible and extend its life.

Learn To Sew

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Sewing used to be something that most women could do. Fortunately, progress happened, and women found better uses for their time. But it turns out that the skill of sewing is actually a lot more important than most people think. All those ripped jackets and broken off buttons can get expensive if you’re replacing entire items of clothing every time. But if you can sew, suddenly the cost of clothing comes crashing down. Most stuff is repairable if you know what you’re doing.

Don’t Put Home Maintenance Off

Home maintenance can get extremely expensive, especially if you leave it until you have a real problem. If you notice mold climbing up your wall, call in a mold removal company. They’ll be able to get rid of the mold and give you a heads up as to whether you’ve got more serious problems with your foundations. Remember, the quicker you get the problem sorted, the more money you’ll save long term.

Build Up Your Barter Network

Paying for stuff using cash is convenient, but if your supply of money is limited, you could run into financial trouble. Instead of using cash for everything, consider building up a barter network with your friends. Trade your skills for one of their skills directly. For instance, you could offer haircuts in exchange for financial advice.

Invest In Blankets

Heating bills keep going up, thanks to gas and electric companies jacking up prices. But that doesn’t mean that you have to shell out even more money. Instead of putting your money into heating bills, put it into space heaters and thick warm blankets to keep everybody warm. Then, make sure that you and your family hang out together in the same room and share the warmth.

Use Neighbour’s Plants

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If you’re landscaping, don’t head off to the nursery and pay high commercial prices for your shrubs. Instead, canvas your neighbors and ask them if there are any plants that they wouldn’t mind you transplanting to a new location. Usually, you’ll find something to your taste. What’s more, it’s free. Perennials and bulbs can be easily shared.

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