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30 Uses for Witch Hazel

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30 Uses For Witch Hazel 
What can $1 buy these days? Not much. However, for just about a little more than a buck, you can buy witch hazel and have a great multi-purpose product.  Witch hazel is an all-natural folk remedy that has been used for centuries. I love it! There are so many uses for witch hazel. It is a flowering shrub found all across North America, and for a bit more than a buck you can purchase a liquid form that is made from the bark and leaves of this useful  plant. If you aren’t sure what to use it for, here’s a handy reference guide to 30 uses for witch hazel:
1.     Makeup remover
2.     Hemorrhoid relief
3.     Clean scrapes
4.     Help ease swelling and inflammation
5.     Acne treatment
6.     Oily skin cleanser
7.     Reduce the appearance of varicose veins
8.     Eliminate under-eye puffiness
9.     Sooth wounds
10.   Stop an itch
11.   Help dry up poison ivy
12.   Refine your pores
13.   Astringent/skin refresher
14.   With shampoo to prevent frizz
15.   Balance out skin moisture
16.   Treat dandruff
17.   Reduce the redness / appearance of pimples
18.   Treat chicken pox blisters
19.   Soothe sunburn
20.   Prevent razor burn
21.   Remove the sting from bug bites
22.   Fight psoriasis and eczema
23.   Jewlery Cleaner
24.   Bathroom cleaner (mix with baking soda)
25.   Thin out paint
26.   Floor cleaner (mixed with a bucket of water)
27.   Stain remover (mix with white toothpaste)
28.   Disinfectant and sanitizer
29.   Streak-free cleaner for chrome
30.   Eyeglass and mirror cleaner
So, there you have it....a list of 30 pretty great uses for this cheap product!

(Credit: Family Finds Fun)


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