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BFree: Enjoy Delicious Bread Products Without Wheat or Gluten

Disclosure: I was provided with products from BFree to review in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy

Let's face it. Those of us who are gluten-free often find ourselves in the predicament of great-tasting products especially when it comes to the bread category. Thanks to BFree Foods, your worries are all over! Not only are BFree products gluten-free, but they are also wheat free, dairy, egg, nut and soy free, making them free from all major allergens and suitable for vegans! BFree was developed to bring tasty, good for you & non GMO breads to the market. 

I was recently sent a variety of BFree products to try and I am so excited to share my review with you! From sliced bread to bagels, rolls, hot dog buns and more, BFree products are definitely my new favorite line of gluten-free bread products. All of the products have a long shelf and you can store them in the freezer until future use if you prefer. 

BFree Sliced Bread- One of the first things that I noticed about this bread was how long it is. No more short bread slices! This bread was also very soft and it toasted to perfection! I tried both the Soft White Loaf and Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf. Both varieties were equally delicious! The Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf is comprised of a unique blend of flours, starches, proteins and fibers with sunflower seeds and golden linseeds that give it a delicious texture and flavour with extraordinarily high fiber in each slice. The Soft White Loaf is made with a unique blend of flours, starches, proteins and fibers that give it a ‘real bread’ texture and taste just like a normal bread loaf. This loaf is sliced lengthways to give a bigger and better sandwich slice. Each slice contains only 70 calories! Each variety is equally delicious!  

BFree Hot Dog Buns- The hot dog buns are available in both White and Brown Seeded varieites. Both are made with a unique blend of flours, starches, proteins and fibers. They are so delicious and soft you won’t believe they’re only 100 calories! 

BFree Bagels- The BFree Bagels are absolutely delicious! I love a good bagel with peanut butter and these did not disappoint! They are so soft and chewy you won’t know the difference! High in fiber and low in fat and only 200 calories per bagel! BFree bagels are available in both Plain and Multiseed varieties. 

BFree Rolls- I just love a good dinner roll. Until now I had to find a gluten-free variety so I am thrilled for the chance to be able to eat dinner rolls again! These BFree rolls are out of this world! So soft and delicious. Even my family who is not gluten-free devoured them! BFree rolls are available in both Soft White and Brown Seeded varieities. 

BFree products are available in many Publix, Safeway and Costco stores nationwide as well as a few other locations. GO HERE to find a store near you that carries these delicious products. 

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I can't wait to try the other products that BFree offers like their yummy Sweet Potato Wraps and Pita Breads! Yum!


Gifts that Make Great Investments

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There is nothing quite like giving a great gift to put a smile on your face and the face of the recipient, but if you want to take great gift giving to the next level, you should aim to give your loved ones gifts that are also excellent investments for the future.

There are a number of gifts, which are likely to gain value once given, so it’s not as hard as you might think to give gifts that make great investments, but here are a few ideas to get you started:



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If you purchase a good piece of jewelry made from precious metals and stones, like gold and diamonds, there is every chance that it will be worth more next year than it is now. For the perfect men’s jewelry gifts, check out mens gold bracelets-Frost NYC. This is a good option, as they sell high-quality gold jewelry that will look good now and keep its value in years to come. When buying for women, something from Tiffany or one of the other big-name jewelry designers, with their prestige, will make for a sound investment.



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Quality watches from makers like Rolex and Omega almost always appreciate in value over time, especially if they are a limited edition or less popular model that will be harder to find in the future. In fact, so good is the investment potential of a good watch that many people make their livings by trading in them.



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Whether your grandma is gaga for clocks, your boyfriend loves vinyl, or your mother loves landscape paintings, instead of buying them a brand new gift fresh from the store, why not check out your local antique dealer instead? If you want to invest in an antique that goes up in value, you will, of course, need to do your research, buy as low as possible and ensure anything you buy is in relatively good condition, but if you can do this, there’s every chance that the gifts you give will be worth more in the future.



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Most people love [painting, prints, and sculpture, providing you pick something that matches their tastes and styles, and if you’re a savvy shopper, you can pick up a painting from an up and coming artist for a good price. Although there’s no guarantee that they’ll go on to be a household name, there is a good chance that a piece of art you buy now will be worth many times more in the future, especially if you know your stuff.



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Gifting classes or courses to your loved ones will enable them to do something they’ve always wanted to, and you can check out some of the best at Although it might not be a monetary investment that will pay back in the future (although it could be if it leads to a fabulous new job) it is a great investment in the person you care about, and it will enrich their life.

A Savings Account


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Instead of buying them something they’ll be bored within a few weeks, why not give kids the gift of a savings account? If you start saving when they’re really young, you’ll build up a nice nest egg that will see them through college and give them the best possible start in life.



Make Chores & Family Organization Fun with the Homey App! 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Homey. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy)  

Do you ever feel that getting your children to do chores can sometimes be like pulling teeth? Household chores and organization are definitely not at the top of the list with my children, but I find that when I make those activities fun they are more than willing to do them. Thanks to Homey, an app that teaches your children the value of hard work, you can now get everyone in your home doing their share of chores! Homey is the family organizer app that every household needs. It replaces the chore chart with a visual photo list and makes it easy to assign and finish-off chores. We love the visual photo list and it makes chore-time a fun-time! 

Here is how the Homey App works:

Show kids how money is earned.

Homey app helps you to teach your children the value of hard work and how that can lead to rewards. Chores help teach kids that money is earned and not just given. You can pay kids commissions based on chores they do around the house like taking out the trash, cleaning their room, or mowing the grass. And you can also set responsibilities that are not paid to teach kids that everyone needs to contribute to the household – and Homey still provides motivation with fun incentives.

Support long term goals.

Mastering delayed gratification is one of the biggest predictors of future financial success! Teach kids financial responsibility by providing them with incentives that differ in value. With Homey kids learn they need to work longer or harder to earn more. And since they can see the progress bar that tells them how much they already earned, they learn to manage their funds and stay motivated and engaged in working towards long term goals. Homey also features a wishlist, so children can practice setting goals for themselves and learn the value of their work.

Teach real life financial skills.

Homey enables you to transfer allowance and extra money kids earn directly to their savings or checking account. If your children don’t have bank accounts yet, you can open one for free at most banks. This way you can teach your child how banking works, they can accumulate interests on their savings and you can be sure that their money will stay safe. Depositing money to the bank encourages long term saving and discourages impulse spending. A child’s first bank account should not come with a credit card.  Making financial mistakes during early adulthood can be extremely costly. Start building good financial habits with Homey now.

Connect the whole family.

Homey app lets you manage chores, allowance and rewards for the whole family. To assign a chore to your family member just take a photo of what needs to be done, select one or more of your ofyour family members and choose how many points and coins the chore is worth. They will get a notification with a photo of the mess and when they will clean it, they will take another photo, so you will see the results immediately and make sure it’s done as it should be. Images will help children make a visual association of the task with the action, but they will also provide everyone in your family with motivation and accountability to do chores better.

I absolutely love that Homey makes doing chores for my boys fun and not a dreaded task all while teaching responsibility. Chores can now be rewarding and you will teach your children life-skills that they will use into their adult life. And, the best part? Your kids are rewarded for their work! Each chore is worth coins (currency in Homey that kids can redeem for rewards) and points (for responsibilites that are not paid). When my boys have completed enough chores, they can redeem their points for a reward that I have set. This can be tv or screen time, a toy, allowance or whatever you as the parent choose. You can also set up rewards that differ in value which teaches your children to be financially responsible. And now, Homey features allowance transfers! This enables me as the parent the ability to safely connect my checking account to my child's savings and promote saving allowance for long term goals! How awesome is that?

I am super excited about Homey app and would love for you to try it as well. It is available to download for Free on both Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

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400 Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes Only $8.91 Shipped! (just $0.02 per wipe)

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Stock up on baby wipes without leaving your house! Amazon is offering 400 Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes Fragrance Free for just $8.91 Shipped when you choose the Subscribe and Save optio to the right of the page. That makes each wipe only $0.02! 

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  • New formula created with even more Natural Plant-Based Ingredients, now with soothing  chamomile
  • Skin nourishing and gentle enough for faces, hands and bottom places with new stronger and softer material
  • Non-allergenic ingredients that are soothing to the most sensitive skin
  • Pediatrician and Dermatologist tested
  • No: alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial dyes or fragrances
  • New formula includes our exclusive 100% natural NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend to help nurture and support your baby's skin

*HOT* Crock-Pot Lunch Food Warmers Only $10 Each Shipped!

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These would be awesome gift ideas to tuck away! is offering these Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmers priced at $19.99. BUT, to sweeten the deal, if you purchase 3 – your total will drop all the way down to just $30! AND you’ll score FREE shipping with no code needed! This makes each one just $10! Awesome!!

Choose from 5 different colors including: blue, pink,green, blue/black and black.

GO HERE to take advantage of this offer as I am not sure how long the deal will last!

-thanks, Hip 2 Save


Babyganics 4 Pack SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion 2oz Tubes ONLY $6.66 Shipped!

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Such a great price for this brand! Amazon is offering 4 Pack Babyganics SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion 2oz tubes for only $6.66 Shipped when you choose the Subscribe and Save option to the right of the page. These are the perfect size to throw in your diaper bag or purse! 

*Amazon pricing and promotions can change at any time so act now if interested! These prices are current at the time of this posting.


Easy Goals: Saving Edition

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Saving money isn't just a task, but a way of life. You can save on all sort so things, and by watching you finches and being frugal you can get yourself into a much better position to provide for your family without working yourself into an early grave. But what exactly should our main savings goals be, and how can we reach them? Read on to find out more.

Get out of debt

One of the major reason that a lot of folks save is so they can pay off any outstanding debts that the have. This is because debts aren't just about the money you owe, but also the money that you are charged for using it. It basically a hole that can be very difficult to dig yourself out of.

However it is possible. So what should your goals be if you are trying to wipe out your debt, and how can you reach them?

Well, first of all, while your overarching goal might be debt freedom, this isn't going to happen overnight. In fact, it's much more sensible to pay off the smallest debts that you have first.

This is because not only does it reduce the number or of payments and deadlines that you have to worry about. But it keeps you motivated in saving for this goal as well.

So in what way can you be frugal to save for this goal? Well, try saving on one of the biggest monthly expenditures, your food costs.

Take an afternoon at the weekend and chop and marinate the meat and veg that you will need for the whole week. Then portion it into freezer bags and freeze, taking one meal out per day in the morning.

This can save you lots of money during your shop, and you will find that you waste a lot less food at the end of the week too.


(photo credit)

To repair our credit rating

Another major goal that many folks are having do is to improve their credit rating. This is vital because without a good one you can have all sorts of trouble getting the funds for major purchases like a house and a car.

A good goal here is to make sure that you have enough each money to pay off the minimum charge and a little extra each month. This will ensure that your credit rating stays good and that you clear your debt soon than expected.

Just make sure that you don't get stung by any early repayment fees in the process! Sometimes you can negotiate with your lender on this. So it's always worth speaking to them if you have saved up enough to pay off the full amount early.

However if you have a poor credit rating and you do need to get a loan for something important like a car, there are companies that you can turn to for help. You can click here for some more of information on this.

In terms of being frugal, any monthly gain you can make to put more money in the savings pot will help you pay off that credit card quicker.  So taking packed lunches, and unsubscribing to magazine and services that you no longer need are a must.



Financial Planning Made Simple

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Money is something that concerns us all. Whether you’ve got too much or too little of it, it’s always wise to keep an eye on your finances. If you’re trying to save money or you’d love to have more disposable income at the end of the month, planning ahead is really helpful. If you thought financial planning was stressful, think again. With this guide, you can get to grips with your finances and start preparing for the future with minimal hassle.

Assessing your financial situation

Many of us have online banking, which enables us to check our balance on a regular basis, but if you’re one of those people who tends to shy away from balance inquiries or leave letters from the bank unopened, you may not be aware of your financial situation. Sometimes, it’s easier to be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand, but it’s advisable to take control of your finances. The best way to start doing this is by seeing where you are in terms of what you have available, what you’re saving, and whether you have any debts.

Before you do anything else, sit down with a pen and paper, check all your balances, and work out what you’ve saved, what you own on credit or store cards, and how much you have outstanding on loans and mortgages. Once you’ve got figures written down in front of you, you’ll have a much more accurate picture, and this will help you to draw up plans moving forward.

(photo credit)

Learning to budget

It’s very hard to save money or reduce spending if you don’t have a budget. Budgeting enables you to see where your money is going each month and to work out what you can spend, and if you can save. To work out a monthly budget, all you need to do is compare what you’ve got coming in with what’s going out. In one column, you’ll probably have your wages. In another, you’ll have mortgage or rent payments plus bills and living costs, such as groceries and gas. In a different column, add any other costs you expect to incur that month, such as gifts for your child’s birthday or spending money for a family vacation. Some months will be more expensive than others, and budgeting enables you to adapt your saving and spending plans accordingly. If you use an app or you do your budget on a computer, you can adapt and update it as you go along to make sure your budget is accurate.

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Bouncing back from bad credit

If you’ve got bad credit, it can affect your ability to borrow money, so it’s always a good idea to try and improve a low credit score. Your credit score is based on the level of risk you present to a lender. If you have a history of missing payments, for example, you’ll have a lower score than somebody who has paid off a loan and makes regular contributions to their credit card. If you have bad credit, it may be worth getting in touch with a credit repair company, which can help you increase your score. There are lots of different companies out there, so articles like CreditRepairCompanies review of Sky Blue Credit may come in handy if you’re not sure which firm to go for. You can also improve your rating by ensuring that you keep up to date with repayments for loans, mortgages, and credit cards, and by using your account on a regular basis. You don’t have to be in debt to have a poor score. If you don’t use your account much, you may also have a low rating.


(photo credit)

Finding ways to save

Once you have a good idea of how your finances are looking, you can think about ways to save more.

If you’re spending money on interest every month, there may be ways to reduce spending. If you have a credit card, for example, look around for banks and lenders that are offering 0% interest on balance transfers. If you switch, you can pay off the balance as you go without incurring additional interest fees.

There are several easy ways you can save money around the house, especially if you don’t already adopt a regimented approach to shopping, energy usage or finding the best deals. One of the best (and the quickest and easiest) ways to save money is to fire up your laptop and compare the price of house, car, and health insurance, TV and broadband, and gas and electricity. The fees you are currently paying may be significantly higher than those available for new customers, and you can often save a ton of money by switching to different providers.

Once you’ve negotiated a better deal on energy, you can also cut bills further by paying more attention to the amount of energy you use. Simple things like turning lights off, and using a smart meter could save you a lot of money. It’s also really helpful to be more disciplined when it comes to food shopping and to save money on social activities. You don’t have to become a recluse to boost your savings account balance. Invite people over rather than going out, investigate free events, and swap movie nights for a DVD and takeout. You don’t have to change your life radically to notice a difference.

(photo credit)

Making your money work

If you’ve got money to save, it’s worth doing some research to find the best ways to make your money work for you. Interest rates on savings accounts are pretty low at the moment, but there are other ways of making money. You could consider investing in property, for example. If you’re already a homeowner, renting a house or an apartment out could earn you money now, as well as increasing the value of your estate in the future

(photo credit)

Many people will roll their eyes when the words financial planning crop up, but it’s always helpful to be aware of your financial situation and to take steps to save money. If you’re not a meticulous planner, hopefully, this guide has given you inspiration to get a grasp on your finances and start planning for the future.



Visit Russo's New York Pizzeria Clearwater + My Review!

Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy)

Russo’s New York Pizzeria is famous for its authentic New York-style pizza, featuring fresh-made dough and the Russo’s family pizza sauce recipe since 1978. The restaurant also offers pizza by the slice, a colossal 28-inch Party Pizza, which is large enough to feed groups of up to 20, as well as gluten-free pizza and pasta, and traditional Italian favorites like lasagna, Ravioli Pomodoro, Penne Alla Vodka and Fettuccini Alfredo, plus desserts like authentic house-made tiramisu. Thankfully, we now have a location here in Clearwater! My family and I recently had the opportunity to review some of the delicious offerings at Russo's and I am excited to share my review with you! 

From the moment that we walked into the door at Russo's to the time that we left, the staff were all so courteous, helpful and friendly. My son Brady was able to play with pizza dough while we waited on our pies to cook and he had a blast. In fact, he has now requested to play with pizza dough at home! The meal started with a delicious foccacia bread and dipping sauce that my guys thoroughly enjoyed! Then, on to the main course of mouth-watering pizzas!

Since I am gluten-free, it is sometimes challenging to find a pizza that is not only delicious but has a nice texture to it as well. I had the gluten free Margherita Pizza at Russo's and was blown away! This pizza is the best gluten-free pizza that I have ever eaten. The marriage of Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, all-natural mozzarella, garlic, and organic extra virgin olive oil come together for one delicious pizza! Oh and the crust. Let me tell you about the buttery and crispy crust. It was amazing! The secret to their crust? They use honey as a binding ingredient, with rice flour as a substitute, but without compromising on flavor and substance. I seriously could not even tell that it was gluten free! Every bite of this pizza just melted in my mouth. I am dreaming about this pizza and cannot wait to go back again just for this! 

While I enjoyed my gluten-free Margherita Pizza, my guys devoured the Italian Works. This pie is made up of sliced Italian sausage, pepperoni, roasted peppers, all-natural mozzarella cheese, along with Russo's homemade pizza sauce. They said that the pizza was amazing! Just look at that cheese and sausage! How can you go wrong with all of that yummy goodness? 

Russo's also serves calzones, pastas, soups, sandwiches and more. I cannot wait to try the gluten-free pasta dishes! Are you a pizza lover? I highly recommend Russo's to anyone and think that you will enjoy their delicious offerings! If you stop in, be sure to tell them that Heather from My Sweet Savings sent you! 

Russo's New York Pizzeria Clearwater is located at 2233 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Follow Russo's Clearwater on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to stay up-to-date with all of their latest promotional offers and events. 


Make a Splash With Peppa Pig & The Muddy Puddles Project!

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I take such joy in promoting those causes that give back to others. The Muddy Puddles Project is such a note-worthy project and one that I want you to become familiar with. The Muddy Puddles Project was inspired by five-year old Ty Campbell, a little boy who absolutely LOVED Peppa Pig and dreamed of jumping in muddy puddles just like her when his cancer was cured. The project embodies the act of kids being kids in honor of those who can’t. That just blesses my heart and I am so happy to spread the word about this! 

At its core, The Muddy Puddles Project is a vehicle to remind parents to stop sweating the small stuff; but it is also a fundraising platform for the Ty Louis Campbell (TLC) Foundation in support of childhood cancer research. After Ty lost his battle with cancer, his parents committed to finding ways to fund innovative research geared toward safer, more effective treatment of various childhood cancers. It is the perfect vehicle to engage children in philanthropy because it encourages them to have fun while doing good.

How can you get involved? The Muddy Puddles Project is a celebration of children and childhood.  In honor of all children battling cancer, we ask parents everywhere to let their kids get messy and jump in the mud on their behalf… simply because they can.  We encourage you to host a mini mess fest of your own in order to bring this celebration to others. You can even GO HERE to download everything you need to host your own Muddy Puddles Mess Fest.

You can also consider hosting your very own Peppa-inspired Welly Walk to benefit the charity. What is a Welly Walk? It’s as simple as it sounds: an organized stroll outside – rain or shine! – in your favorite pair of wellies (rain boots). As Peppa Pig’s Mummy Pig wisely says, “If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots.”  GO HERE for information on how to host your own Welly Walk.


*HOT* $3/1 Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers Coupon = $4.99 Diapers at Target or Walmart! 

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Calling all of you with little ones! Be sure to hurry and print this NEW coupon to save $3/1 Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers (not valid on 9 count or less). The packs of diapers are regularly priced around $7.99 at Target and Walmart so only $4.99 with coupon! What a great deal! Grab this coupon now as it will not last for long!


30 Scott Paper Towel Mega Rolls Only $18.02 Shipped! (just $0.60 per roll)

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Need to stock up on paper towels? Amazon is offering Two Scott Choose-A-Sheet Mega Roll Paper Towels 15 Roll packages for only $18.02 Shipped when you clip the 20% coupon and schoose the Subscribe and Save option to the right of the page. This means you are paying just $0.60 per mega roll! 15 Mega Rolls = 22 Regular rolls! Awesome deal! 

*Amazon pricing and promotions can change at any time so act now if interested! These prices are current at the time of this posting.


The Links Between The Body And The Wallet

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We all wish for good health and good finances, but we might not know that we’re wishing essentially for the same thing. Our health and our finances are inextricably linked. When our health suffers, our finances tend to take a hit and vice versa. Sometimes, that link can become a vulnerability and a major change in our personal health can send our finances spinning out of control. To stop that, you need to make sure you’re taking the right steps. What can you do to stop your health from impacting your finances too much

(photo credit)

Cut out the unhealthy habits

It might sound like a small enough step, but the truth is that this tip is going to help you better budget for the following tips. Not to mention, it’s going to drastically reduce your risk of actually needing any of the following protections as well. When it comes down to getting your personal health and financial health in good condition, those bad habits of yours are going to make it harder for both. For instance, the yearly cost the average smoker incurs is roughly $2,555.  But vices like smoking also drive up the cost of health insurance at the same time. Just another reason to quell those unhealthy habits.

Prepare for those costs

Of course, we can’t talk about health and finance without talking the most common way to investing in your healthcare, health insurance. The choice of health insurance deal you take has a huge role to play in the relationship between your money and your wellbeing. Most people get their insurance plan through their employer. The employer’s plan usually costs less to you than the other plans out on the marketplace, but if you’re concerned that you’re not getting specific coverage your family needs, then it might very well be a necessity. In those cases, you might be looking at a need for deals like a point-of-service plan.

(photo credit

Ensure accountability

Not all cases are about ensuring that you’re able to handle the costs of your own healthcare. Sometimes, you need to know your rights and when you shouldn’t be the person paying for that care in the first place. Especially if someone else’s actions have you losing income because you’re unable to attend work. Teams like SiebenCarey highlight a variety of different situations in which cases you might be liable to see some accountability taken by parties that cause your healthcare issues. We all know about assigning that accountability when it comes to auto collisions or workplace accidents. But you might also have a malpractice case if poor healthcare results in further costs and impacts to your health. Or if you slip outside a commercial property due to poor maintenance, the owner of the property may very well be held responsible.

Protect your income

Getting the law on your side is a great way to ensure that any loss of income is covered by the responsible party. Employers themselves might offer some kind of insurance in their benefits package even if they’re not responsible for time taken off work due to illness or injury. However, that’s not always the case. They must keep your job for you, but not necessarily pay you. If they don’t, it’s important to get your own income protection insurance. The best income protection deals are those that take into account more varied circumstances, such as injuries and illnesses on vacations and children’s injuries that require you to take time from work.

(photo credit

Better health means better finance

We’ve already covered how bad habits can have more impact on your finances than you expect, as well as make you more likely to require the use of your health insurance. But on a more abstract note, there’s research that shows that those who keep themselves in better health tend to do a lot better with their finances overall, too. For instance, ensuring your sleep well and managing your stress levels shows evidence that you’re able to make better decisions in your day-to-day, including decisions that impact your finances like choosing deals and avoiding impulse buys. Good eating habits tend to reflect on good financial habits, too. Some believe eating healthily is more expensive, despite the help that meal planning can provide. However, eating unhealthily tends to lead to more food being bought overall and the increase in superfluous expenses every time you need to go to the store. Maintaining personally healthy habits tends to make it easier to maintain financially healthy habits, too.

We never know when our health is going to take a turn for the worse. Anyone can be the victim of an accident or get struck with an illness. It’s when you’re in good health and earning that you should be putting protections in place, rather than hoping you can get through a crisis as it unfolds.


$0.75/2 Fresh Avocados Coupon

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I always love it when this coupon comes around! Head on OVER HERE to print a coupon to save $0.75 on your purchase of two (2) Avocados From Mexico. I love me some avocados! 


HGTV or Food Network Magazine Subscription ONLY $5! 

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I love these magazines! Amazon is currently offering the HGTV or Food Network Magazine Subscriptions for ONLY $5! 

*Amazon pricing and promotions can change at any time so act now if interested! These prices are current at the time of this posting.


Crayola Experience Orlando Review + Discount Code for My Sweet Savings Readers! #CrayolaExperienceOrlando 

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to Crayola Experience Orlando in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy)  

This past weekend, we headed over to Orlando for some Spring break fun! One of the stops along the way was the Crayola Experience. My boys have been looking forward to this for quite some time! We took our family friend Madison along with us to join in on the fun and made a day of it! 

I had no idea that the Crayola Experience is so big. I mean BIG! In fact, it is 70,000 square feet of attractions and bigger than an NFL Football field! There is something to do for every member of your family and you are sure to have a great time! 

We began our day in Wrap It Up. This is where you can make your very own Crayola Crayon! Pick what color that you want and give it a fun name! The kids got a huge kick out of this and had fun naming their crayons! 

From there, we moved on to an area where the kids could draw in the dark and then to one of our favorite places of the day Art Alive. We stayed here for well over an hour! Art Alive is an area where the art you make on a tablet come to life on a big wall! Even the adults have fun with this one! This really lets the creative juices flow and your kiddos become a budding artist! 

Drew and Madison loved Color Magic, a place where you can color a page and then let it come to life! As you can see from the photo, Drew was a happy boy here! I love how every detail of the Crayola Experience provides creative activity and play for kids no matter their age! 

All of the kids especially loved Modeling Madness. This was an area where the kids can use their creativity to make fun things out of Crayola Model Magic. The kids were so creative and each came up with some very creative designs! I think they have a future in design! 

By this time the kids wanted to take a snack break so we headed over to the Snack Shack for a yummy snack of Pretzels! After we were fueled up we headed off for more colorful fun! 

It was then on to the the La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil show! This special show is playing at the Crayola Experience Orlando through the end of the month so be sure to head there before it ends! We were blown away by the remarkable and daring acts!  

The last thing that we did for the day was head over to Melt and Mold. This is such a fun place where kids (and adults๐Ÿ˜‰) can take a crayon to melt into a car, seahorse, shark or ring. We all made something different and had a blast! Look at the details of each item and how vibrant the colors are! 

We were at Crayola Experience for over 4 hours and still did not see everything! We will definitely be going back this Summer when we can stay even longer! As we headed out of Crayola Experience, we headed into the Crayola Store where everything is all about Crayons! The kids just had to take a picture with these cute stuffed crayons! 

Thanks so much to Crayola Experience Orlando for our fabulous day! It was such a great time of colorful memories that will last years to come! 

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Graco Backless Turbo Booster Car Seat Only $12.88! (reg. $24.99)

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  • Designed to be the kind of stylish, comfortable seat your child will actually want to ride in
  • Helps safely transport your "big kid" from ages 4 -10, from 40 - 100 lbs. and up to 57 inches tall.
  • Top rated by leading consumer magazines and publications
  • Rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed U.S. safety standards and reassure safety-conscious parents
  • New Car Assessment Program (NCAP)-peak Crash Force approximately 2X Car Seat Standard1; Extreme Car Interior Temperatures2. 1Tested for structural integrity by applying 44g NCAP crash pulse to seat, which is approximately twice the US FMVSS 213 crash puls
  • Designed to be the kind of stylish, comfortable seat your child will actually want to ride in.

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*HOT* $3 off 5 Kellogg's Cereals Coupon Reset!

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This high value coupon to save $3 on any FIVE Kellogg's® Cereals appears to have reset! I was able to print it 2 more times! What an awesome coupon as Kellogg's is often on sale BOGO at Publix and other stores! 


The 5 Best Energy Savings For Everyday Life 

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Energy bills are always one of the biggest budget allocation in every household. While there is still no tip to drastically cut your energy bills – unless you suddenly decide to move to live in a mountain cave in Nepal and feed yourself from the milk of local goats –, there is plenty that you can do to reduce your bills significantly. Here are the five favorite tips from all around the world. Everywhere people are getting cost-savvy and have discovered ways to ease their energy budget.

#1. Keep A Warm Structure In Winter

There’s no denying that winter is the worst season for your energy bills: Keeping your home warm can be quite expensive, especially when it is snowing. While you can’t change the weather, you can certainly look for a roof heating cable solution to de-ice your roof and gutter thanks to a self-regulating heating system. This is the closest you can get to controlling the climate! What this means is that the overall house temperature is easier to maintain as the external structure doesn’t get as cold anymore. In short, a self-regulating cable can reduce your heating costs for the season.

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#2. Don’t Let Your Phone Charger On

A study in the UK has revealed that every year chargers waste £134 million. While there isn’t any similar study in the USA, you can safely assume that the results will be even more dramatic, as the population is bigger. What this means is that leaving your charger plugged in even after your phone or laptop is fully charged is a costly mistake. Naturally, it would be a lot easier if there were another way to topping up the battery charge for your smartphone. Michael Vaga, a Belarusian teenager, has developed the HandEnergy, a device that should resolve your charging problems easily. But this is not yet a common household product.

#3. Smart Grocery Shopping Only

Your fridge and your freezer consume more energy when they are not fully packed. In short, if you leave empty space in these, you will end up paying more to keep your food fresh. So make sure to come back with full bags of shopping next time you go to the shop. Another good tip is to fill up the space with bottles of tap water in the fridge and screwed up newspaper in the freezer.

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#4. Soft Clothes Washing

Your washing machine consumes most of its energy to heat the water. As a result, washing at a high temperature costs a lot more. If you keep washing your clothes at a low temperature, you can still keep them fresh and soft, and your energy bills will show the difference!

#5. Be An Efficient Cook 

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Why should you cook only one dish into the oven? Heating your oven requires a lot of energy, so it’s best to maximize the time and become a multitasking cook for an evening. As it is your oven’s job to keep its internal temperature, you can happily put more than one dish inside: After all, the oven will heat every shelf, so why should you use only one? As a rule of the thumb, cooking multiple dishes together will require 15% longer than it would for a single dish. But this is a great way of keeping your energy cost down, and saving precious time on cooking for the week!



Preparing For A Baby On A Shoestring Budget

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Here’s a scary fact for you: the average family spends around $12,000 on their newborn in the first year of their life. hat money doesn’t even cover the cost of medical bills, which can add the same again on top. This figure only covers furniture, diapers, formula (for those who use it), clothes - so many clothes - and then childcare for those requiring it when they return to work. For some, it can be a huge shock to the system, especially if both parents were working before the pregnancy. It requires some careful budgeting and some smart shopping, but it is possible to prepare for the arrival of a newborn without breaking the bank.

Care for your health

The health of mom while she goes through the stages of pregnancy is of fundamental importance to the healthy development of the baby. But medical bills can really start to add up. The average, straightforward birth can cost around $3,500, with caesareans and other more complicated births coming in around $12,500. When other complications occur during the pregnancy, the bills can really start to rack up. Ensuring you have a great insurance policy is helpful. Don’t be tempted to choose it on price alone - it’s essential that it covers you and your baby throughout pregnancy, as well as any connected complications. If you can prioritize your wellbeing by eating healthily, keeping active, and trying to keep stress to a minimum, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of complications.

Prioritize needs over wants

When the pregnancy test comes back positive, it’s so tempting to start fantasizing about all the cute little booties and pretty crib cushions. Frankly, unless you’re rolling in cash, those things probably come under the umbrella of luxury rather than necessity. It’s easy to be dragged into buying luxuries which are, unfortunately, completely unnecessary.  The baby market is huge, and many objects are marketed as necessities when they’re really not. Your baby needs to be safe, comfortable, well fed, and entertained, but outside of that, everything is a luxury item. Needs include a breast pump, crib or bassinet, bottles for formula, diapers, clothing, burp cloths and more. A crib bumper and cushions, sling, changing table, and other similar objects might seem like necessities, but it’s completely possible to live without them, or improvise with household objects for a cheaper alternative.

Speak to your midwife about costs

If you don’t have medical insurance, don’t fret, there is actually a way to cut the medical bills. Head into the hospital before the birth and speak to the labor and delivery team there. They will be able to give you a list of the items and services which new mothers are usually billed for, but actually, there are plenty of things on your list that are optional. Opting out of services which you don’t need means a smaller bill, which is a bit of a blessing.

Don’t be afraid to rely on second-hand items

Newborn babies grow at a ridiculous rate. You might buy the cutest babygrows or little boots, but there is a fairly significant likelihood that they’ll only fit them for a couple of months, making their cost per wear ridiculously high. There are women the world over facing the same frustration. Which means the market is flooded with barely-worn baby clothes, which can either go in a box in the attic for an indeterminate period of time, go to landfill, or can be passed on to other expectant mothers who don’t want to, or can’t, pay full price for an entire wardrobe for their new baby. You might be fortunate enough to know other moms who will happily donate you their toddler’s old clothes, but if not there are still plenty of options. Ebay is full of bulk lots of baby clothes from moms whose babies have outgrown them. Thrift stores and Goodwill are also a treasure trove, and a quick wash when you get them home will see the clothing as good as new, for a fraction of the price.


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Choose unisex styles

Here is some serious forward planning for you: when you buy baby clothes, choose unisex colors and styles so you can hand them down to any future children, or even friend’s kids. Imagine spending loads on pretty pink dresses for your daughter, only to have to buy a whole new set in a few years when your body decides to give you a son. Greens, yellows, grays and whites are perfect for avoiding this potential frustration, and you’ll also be more likely to be able to sell them on when your baby has outgrown them, if that’s what you’d prefer to do.

Shop around

Some items are inevitable. A crib or bassinet, for example, is a must buy. The temptation is to go to one store and grab every item in one day, purely for expedience. Shopping around could save you some serious cash. Car seats are one item which you can’t avoid, but the price can range from anywhere between $100 to $1000. Spend some time reading some reviews of best selling seats here, and make a decision based on your budget, not just on efficiency. Use reviews of products to determine the best value for money - obviously, some more low-end products won’t have high safety ratings, or might break faster than you’d like. It’s about finding a balance, and shopping around is by far the best way to do that.

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Make a wish list for your baby shower

If nobody is planning you a baby shower, ask your sisters, mom, or best friends to make it happen. Not only is it a great time to get advice from other moms, but it's also amazing for collecting a few gifts too. People won’t think you’re cheeky if you create a wish list for the gifts you still require, and it lessens the likelihood of repeat gifts, which only need returning. Items such as teething rings, breast pumps, burp clothes, and other non-clothing are the best things to ask for. It is far easier to source clothing yourself, without the worry of having too much or too little.

Buy baby clothes as you go

Babies don’t grow at the same rate right up to adulthood; they go through growth spurts which can see them outgrowing their clothes overnight. Buying clothes as you go, rather than bulk buying clothes in varying sizes before their birth, means you won’t accidentally overbuy on a certain size. It enables you to make decisions relevant to their rate of growth, rather than based on assumptions, and could save you a significant amount of money.

Bulk buy diapers

Other than clothes and, in some cases formula, diapers are one of the biggest costs of having a newborn. Unless you plan to use cloth diapers, one of the best ways to keep costs down is by keeping diaper costs low. Make the most of discount sales to stock out, and keep an eye out for coupons and money off vouchers to bag yourself a bargain. Bulk buying them from Costco or similar stores is one of the best ways, as long as you have room to store them.

Collect free formula samples

Coupons and free samples are a lifesaver, if you can take full advantage. Check out local newspapers, and sign up for online newsletters with milk formula companies to receive free samples. Even if you’re breastfeeding, having some formula options available will give you a whole lot more freedom.

Keeping costs low when you’re planning for the birth of your baby can seem impossible, but it really isn’t. Take advantage of coupons and samples, shop around, and avoid feeling pressured into buying unnecessary products, and you’ll see costs fall significantly.